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National helplines to support mental health

Numerous UAE residents live far away from their families, making many of them face psychological pressure and anxiety

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"Noor the Japanese".. An Exceptional Guide in the Emirates for over two decades!

“Rie Nakao”, or better known as “Noor the Japanese”, first settled in the Emirates in 1998, after years of experience

19Nov 2020

When strolling around the streets of Al Qusais in Dubai, your eyes will definitely fall on the "88 Video Centre" It is

17Jun 2020

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed personally thanks people working in the frontline of defense with "Thank You" badges and 

03Dec 2020

Noor Ali Rashid, father of photojournalism in the UAE, accompanied rulers of the Emirates from the very first day of

16Nov 2020

Visitors of Alserkal Avenue cannot help but notice the beautiful classic cars parked in front of “Nostaligia”, a show

12Jun 2020

This is the world’s tallest tower for solar power.. and it’s in Dubai! Located at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

13Oct 2020

Love at first sight bonded the British Alison Collins to a home in Bur Dubai’s Al Fahidi district back in 1978. Several

13Aug 2020

In Dubai lies Salam Shaban, a professional home organizer & owner of “Tidy Mess”, a project that aims to manage

07Jul 2020

Meet Safa Srour, a Digital Content Creator and Community Health Specialist in Dubai with 1.7 million followers on

29Jul 2020

The Table Project has been a hot destination in Dubai where dozens of people from different backgrounds gather on a

26Jul 2020

Planting memories is one of the many passions that our local plant lover, Mohammed Al Zaabi, does for a living. Al

16Sep 2020

Meet Harry Garland, a Dubai-based British expat who moved to the city of life in 2015 to pursue a career in Falconry.

30Jun 2020

Meet Dr. Naseem Mohammad Rafi, one of the most prominent personalities of the first line of defense in Dubai, who has

13Aug 2020

Caring for pets during the hot summer months can be difficult , but Dubai always has innovative solutions to offer!

10Mar 2020

He first landed in the UAE year 1978 and mixed with the culture to a point where everybody living in Dubai knew who he

13Jul 2020

Are you ready to witness a major milestone in Arab history? Only hours separate us from the launch of the century, the

30Apr 2020

With exceptional growth since its inauguration by the late Sheikh Zayed in 1981, Al Ain Farms, the first dairy company

24Mar 2020

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Latifa Hospital in Dubai is one of the largest in the UAE. The hospital was built

17Mar 2020

Ibrahim Al Hammadi is proud to be the first Emirati train driver to work for "Etihad Rail", the developer and operator

08Mar 2020

Kimi Akai is a Japanese lady who considers herself part of Dubai. Her first visit was back in 1977; she worked as a

30Apr 2020

Did you know that Dubai locally produces most of the fish sold in the markets? Thanks to “Fish Farm” that plays a key

28Nov 2019

Ramesh Shukla is an Indian photographer. You’ll be very familiar with one of his photographs: it’s been adapted and

01Mar 2020

Have you ever craved homemade food when you’re outside the house? If yes, then you should consider “Ummi Kitchen”.

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