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One of modern Dubai’s early PR successes was the 27th Chess Olympiads, which were held at the Trade Centre between

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HI DUBAI Episode 8 – TOLERANCE - Tenzin, sales director and Buddhist

The UAE is home to many different religions and beliefs. Did you know there’s a Buddhist temple in Dubai? Well, there

Photo: How do I become a Formula 1 driver? video more
Al Hanoof Al Jassmi
What's Up Dubai
22Nov 2018

Formula 1 is one of the most prestigious car racing competitions in the world. Legends and champions like Mario

21Nov 2018

If you’re a fan of F1 you’ll have seen the different flags that get raised throughout the race. They’ve all got their

02Dec 2018

Hi Dubai is an original english-speaking format, subtitled in six languages; it is conceived as a vehicle of righteous

22Nov 2018

Rio is my life companion and my best friend. Rio will always be with me every step of the way. And I mean that in a

16Nov 2018

Did you know that the oldest known manuscript of the Quran in the world is 1370 years old? Dr Alba Fideli found it in a

08Nov 2018

I know myself quite well. I am no superhero, but I am surely not less than anyone else is. I fell in love with the

13Nov 2018

It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can always do things to make sure you have a healthier, longer life. Just dong

22Nov 2018

The world is celebrating Mickey Mouse’ 90th birthday! Walt Disney created this famous cartoon character in 1928. He was

20Nov 2018

There are some huge deals to be had in Dubai and Abu Dhabi all week! The 3 Day Super Sale is happening between Thursday

Photo: Dubai Design Week is here and this is what you should see video more
Al Hanoof Al Jassmi
What's Up Dubai
14Nov 2018

Dubai Design Week is the region’s largest creative festival. It’s happening between November 12th-17th at D3, the Dubai