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Japan is home to the most bizarre cafe's

In Japan, you'll find a variety of cafés, each one with a certain theme. There are cats, owls cafés, and a café where

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Fabio Silveria : passion for dolphins

Since childhood, he had a dream to grow up and become a marine mammal specialist. And he was lucky to be able to

11Jul 2019

Constructive methods of thinking have always been of interest to many psychologists and philosophers, as it raises the

11Jul 2019

Scientists have warned that nature is facing a mass extinction of animals, for the first time since the extinction of

01Jul 2019

When he was a kid, he used to disassemble the parts of his toys to check how they were made, he would then try to

27Jun 2019

‘We called Dubai our home for nearly 100 years. That’s 4 generations of our family playing a part in the city’s growth.

09Jul 2019

The temperatures in Dubai are soaring, and your thoughts might be turning to a summer vacation. So – what are the best

27Jun 2019

‘A hobby which fulfils my spirit and passion for challenging.’ This is how the Emirati Rashid bin Howaiden describes

21Jun 2019

On the occasion of Father’s Day which is celebrated in the UAE today, June 21st, Dubai Post interviewed a group of

03Jul 2019

There has been so much fascination with Mars for the longest time. With several robotic missions and explorations done

18Jun 2019

This is a story of two sisters that created a successful eco-friendly business out of love for cycling. “The concept of

01Jul 2019

According to the United Nations' 2017 World Happiness Report, people in these countries live longer than the worldwide

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