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Facts about Dubai Metro, the world's longest driver-less metro network

As Dubai Metro celebrates its 10th anniversary, we bring you a number of facts you may not know about Dubai Metro.

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Asha Ramshandani: Dubai inspired us to start our educational project for children

“We’re grateful for living in this city, which gave us the impetus to fulfil our dreams”. With those words, Asha

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Sara Al Marri and Makhzoom Abbadi
Tech and Innovation
26Aug 2019

It's no secret, and Google isn’t shy about admitting the fact that it knows a lot about its users. The tech giant

25Aug 2019

Dopamine is a chemical produced in the brain and it affects many sensations and behaviors. It plays a key role in the

25Aug 2019

Money is not everything for the young Nepalese Ramu Sunar. The respect and appreciation which he receives is a reward

25Aug 2018

Rio is my life companion and my best friend. Rio will always be with me every step of the way. And I mean that in a

25Aug 2019

When travelling to a new country, you may face situations that seem easy to deal with, but if you are unaware of their

18Aug 2019

Pitamber Nagji Parmar came to Dubai from India in 1956. Life in the emirate back then was difficult, however, Parmar

Photo: Dubai’s super fit chef video more
and Reza Rabaya
18Aug 2019

Emirati chef Khaled Al Saadi operates KRUST, serving grilled cheese sandwiches from The Hub at Emirates Towers on

18Aug 2019

Most people have stopped carrying large amounts of money but could we be seeing the end of cash and credit cards or

18Aug 2019

Plane passengers are often exposed to unclear requests from the cabin crew, like the window shade must be kept open. CN

30Jul 2019

Bilal Mansoor Khawaja beams as he runs his palms over the ivory coat of a white lion, one of thousands of exotic

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