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Space Pollution

After sending many missions and satellites into space, the atmosphere is beginning to get polluted. The estimated

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Dubai's historical sites : Artifact Restoration

"I always feel proud and excited because I am contributing to the strengthening of the historical and archaeological

20May 2019

As science still explores mysteries of our universe, there are some fascinating information you should know, that would

20May 2019

Experts say that Ramadan road rage and its corresponding spike in traffic incidents can be avoided. Dubai Police

13May 2019

"When I enter the fish market in Dubai, I feel like I'm back in the beautiful past." This is how the Emirati Fatima

09May 2019

The aesthetics of Arabic calligraphy attracts amateurs and professionals to let their creativity flow into their

16May 2019

What do universities, coffee and the fountain pen have in common? They were all invented in the Arab world. In this

07May 2019

The “Jumeira site” is one of the most prominent archeological sites in Dubai, the UAE, and the whole region. This is

02May 2019

Living in a big city is the dream of many people. But it’s not always as glamourous as it may seem. I’ve spent many

12May 2019

Do you think criminals should be punished? Norway does not! It has established a “humane prison” in 2010 that aims to

13May 2019

Abu Dhabi University (ADU) now offers a happiness course as part of their official curriculum. Introduction to

12May 2019

The causes of headaches when fasting differs from one person to another; nevertheless, there are natural methods that

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