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The history of the “monkey’s tail”

The Greeks call it “little duck”. To the Germans, it’s a “monkey’s tail”. But for most people, it’s the “at” sign. The

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On International Justice Day: Lawyers serve the law and protect humanity

Hanan Al Ali, an Emirati lawyer, who is celebrating international Justice Day, told Dubai Post: "lawyers should study

06Sep 2018

A study showed that milk teeth contain a large number of intermediate stem cells that can regenerate most of the

02Aug 2018

Emirati chef Khaled Al Saadi operates KRUST, serving grilled cheese sandwiches from The Hub at Emirates Towers on

26Jul 2018

He’s a photographer who loves travelling, seeing new places and nature. She’s exactly the same, and the couple are

04Sep 2018

Want to try some weird and exotic food in Dubai? The great thing about so many nationalities all living together in the

28May 2018

Fadel Al Mheiri’s new feature length animation brings ‘90s Abu Dhabi back to life. The Emirati started experimenting

11Jun 2018

With so many different flavours, recipes and ways to prepare, coffee is rightly considered a culture of its own. Here

01Sep 2018

The new school year in Dubai is upon us, so the roads will be getting busier and the supermarkets definitely crazier on

30Aug 2018

Introduction: Work began on Khalifa Sat, the first 100% Emirati satellite, in late 2013. By 2014 all the designs were

30Aug 2018

3:25, say researchers. Find out why, and what other high and low points there are in the day, by watching our video.