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Weight lifter Hidilyn Diaz wins the Philippines' first golden medal!

Philippine Wins the Gold!

2-4 minutes

Shredded to the core.. Meet Wheelchair Champion Edgar John Augustin

Born To Be In the Gym!

05Apr 2021

If you’ve never went on a fun trip to a museum, we’ve got you covered! From a museum dedicated to blood sucking

10Mar 2021

You might have bought your own stationery here, for your children, or even your grandchildren! Magrudy’s is not an

03Apr 2021

Planting memories is one of the many passions that our local plant lover, Mohammed Al Zaabi, does for a living. Al

01Apr 2021

Meet Richard H. Bernstein, Michigan Supreme Court Justice Blind since birth, he always disliked being referred to as “

31Mar 2021

Bound to the sea, angler Eissa Al Falasi is proud of the career he’s been working at since six years of age. The Dubai

01Apr 2021

Dubai and its astonishing beauty gained pure affection from South African Stevie Lomas. The heritage and culture of the

04Feb 2021

“What does not kill you makes you stronger”.. these were the words that Sara Al Ajnaf raised high when a mere second

01Apr 2021

For the gold to be ready in stores, it goes through several key stages, the beginning is a tree made of wax carrying

Photo: Dubai’s super fit chef video more
and Reza Rabaya
01Apr 2021

Emirati chef Khaled Al Saadi operates KRUST, serving grilled cheese sandwiches from The Hub at Emirates Towers on

02Apr 2021

Many unusual laws exist around the globe; some are so strange that it’s hard to believe they’re necessary or even real!

03Apr 2021

"My dream was to become a pilot and travel around the world.. I did not become a pilot, but my dishes today are

02Apr 2021

According to plastic statistics by the United Nations “The Ocean Conference”, around 100,000 marine animals and one

04May 2021

Caring for pets during the hot summer months can be difficult , but Dubai always has innovative solutions to offer!

15Feb 2021

“Rie Nakao”, or better known as “Noor the Japanese”, first settled in the Emirates in 1998, after years of experience

30Dec 2020

100 years in Dubai made the family of grandfather "Uttamchand Bhatia" one of the oldest Indian families residing in

13Aug 2020

In Dubai lies Salam Shaban, a professional home organizer & owner of “Tidy Mess”, a project that aims to manage

13Oct 2020

Love at first sight bonded the British Alison Collins to a home in Bur Dubai’s Al Fahidi district back in 1978. Several

28Dec 2020

At the age of 43, Omaima Mohammed, a Sudanese resident in Dubai, made one of the most important decisions in her

03Dec 2020

Noor Ali Rashid, father of photojournalism in the UAE, accompanied rulers of the Emirates from the very first day of

17Jun 2020

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed personally thanks people working in the frontline of defense with "Thank You" badges and 

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