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The most peculiar museums from around the world

If you’ve never went on a fun trip to a museum, we’ve got you covered! From a museum dedicated to blood sucking

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Mariam Salmeen: Electrifying Confidence

Engineer Mariam Salmeen is one of a handful of Emirati women who has carved a career for herself in the field of

23Oct 2019

Many unusual laws exist around the globe; some are so strange that it’s hard to believe they’re necessary or even real!

21Oct 2019

Oddly satisfying videos can be found all over social media platforms. From Youtube to Twitter and Instagram, people

09Nov 2019

‘I’ve learned hope is everywhere’

05Nov 2019

If you have only known UAE for its mesmerising skyscrapers and red sand dunes, then you are missing out on the

07Oct 2019

Pheasant island is the only spot on Earth that changes its nationality twice a year. It is located in the Bidasoa River

03Nov 2019

When he was a kid, he used to disassemble the parts of his toys to check how they were made, he would then try to

02Nov 2019

These geological formations may look like something from out of this world, but a closer look at these images will show

31Oct 2019

His Excellency Zaki Nusseibeh, Minister of State, described tolerance as the genetic code of Emiratis, stressing that

29Oct 2019

Bound to the sea, angler Eissa Al Falasi is proud of the career he’s been working at since six years of age. The Dubai

22Oct 2019

Firmly believing that tolerance is a mentality and way of life, two astounding Emirati business owners carried the UAE

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