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What makes Dubai the ideal destination for buying gold?

There are several reasons to why Dubai is an ideal destination for buying gold. It’s cheaper here than anywhere else in

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Noura Al Naqbi: Giving Is Happiness

‘Giving makes me happy, and makes me feel the importance of my existence’. In these words, Emirati engineer Noura Al

20Nov 2019

Every time it rains here, you probably hear people talking about “cloud seeding”. But do you know what cloud seeding

04Nov 2019

If you’ve never went on a fun trip to a museum, we’ve got you covered! From a museum dedicated to blood sucking

19Nov 2019

Meet the famous Emirati daredevil Khalifa Al Mazrouei, the man who scours caves and climbs peaks for a living.

17Nov 2019

Engineer Mariam Salmeen is one of a handful of Emirati women who has carved a career for herself in the field of

Photo: Want to exercise in Dubai without high costs? video more
Alhanoof Al Jasmi
What's Up Dubai
30Oct 2019

Nothing is more fun for sports enthusiasts than different ways to play their hobbies at low costs or free of charge.

14Nov 2019

‘Dangerous paths take you to beautiful places’- a motto that Emirati photographer and adventurer Mohammed Ahli lives by

12Nov 2019

"My dream was to become a pilot and travel around the world.. I did not become a pilot, but my dishes today are

24Oct 2019

According to plastic statistics by the United Nations “The Ocean Conference”, around 100,000 marine animals and one

23Oct 2019

Many unusual laws exist around the globe; some are so strange that it’s hard to believe they’re necessary or even real!

21Oct 2019

Oddly satisfying videos can be found all over social media platforms. From Youtube to Twitter and Instagram, people

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