"My dream was to become a pilot and travel around the world.. I did not become a pilot, but my dishes today are traveling around the world on Emirates Airlines" this is how Saud Al Matrooshi, the first Emirati chef at Emirates Flight Catering started his conversation with Dubai Post.

His love for cooking started as a child when he used to watch his father prepare meals at home. He then started cooking for his friends at camp sites, and they loved it.

Al Matrooshi’s career started as a marketing manager at the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club, his boss then noticed his passion for cooking, and put him in a training course under the club’s chef.

Entering this field was difficult, as he had to first clean the kitchen and the dishes for several months.  However, these cleaning tasks were essential as it taught him the basics and secrets of working in the kitchen. Gradually, he was promoted to the position of executive sous chef at the world’s largest flight catering kitchen which serves about 255 thousands meals a day.

Al Matrooshi likes to mix and fuse between different cuisines, and serving them in a distinctive way. He is keen to serve traditional dishes but add his own touch on them.

Watch the video to find out behind the scenes of Emirates Flight Catering kitchens.