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05Feb 2019

There’s far more to the Chinese New Year than lanterns and the zodiac signs. 2019 is the Year of the Pig, and as

22Aug 2019

The Amazon rainforest is burning at record rates. Satellite images spotted the smoke that blotted out the sun in Sao

Photo: Weird ways to pay around the world video more
Makhzoom Abbadi
18Aug 2019

Most people have stopped carrying large amounts of money but could we be seeing the end of cash and credit cards or

Photo: My Friend is an Alien! video more
Sameera Obaid
18Aug 2019

Scientists think that people's reaction to the existence of aliens will not be as negative as sci-fi movies have

Photo: What is the day of Arafa? video more
Makhzoom Abbadi
10Aug 2019

What do you know about the day of Arafa? It’s the ninth day of the Islamic calendar month of Dhu'l-Hijjah and

09Aug 2019

Using pure silk and threads made of silver and plated gold, Abdullah Khalid have been crafting the Holy Kaaba’s cover

30Jul 2019

Bilal Mansoor Khawaja beams as he runs his palms over the ivory coat of a white lion, one of thousands of exotic

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