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Photo: Are millennials really the entitled generation? video more
Reem Malkawi
18Sep 2018

Newspaper columnists and social media all seem to agree on one thing: “millennials”, those born after 1980, are the

Photo: The oldest version of Quran at the University of Birmingham video more
Alhanoof Aljassmi
16Nov 2018

Did you know that the oldest known manuscript of the Quran in the world is 1370 years old? Dr Alba Fideli found it in a

Photo: Japanese company help workers quit their jobs for $450 video more
Sameera Obaid
27Oct 2018

Stressed out, overworked, or just over it: Workers in Japan who want to leave their jobs — but don't want to face the

17Oct 2018

The world’s longest flight is between Singapore and New York. It takes 19 hours to travel the 16,700-kilometres (10,400

Photo: What’s a meme? video more
Sameera Obaid
09Oct 2018

Condescending Wonka, Evil Kermit, Grumpy Cat…everybody’s got their favourite meme. But do you really know what a meme

Photo: Is there a link between creativity and mental illness? video more
Reem Malkawi
02Oct 2018

If you look at some of the world’s most famous painting, a lot of them are created by people who suffered from mental

Photo: 26th September: International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons video more
Reza Rabaya
26Sep 2018

The International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons is about educating the world on the dangers of