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What's Up Dubai

20Jun 2018

It is only 15 floors, but the Toyota Building at the 1st interchange of Sheikh Zayed Road was once the tallest thing on

16Sep 2018

Dubai is one of the best places in the Middle East for independent and second hand book stores. Whether it’s a

04Sep 2018

Want to try some weird and exotic food in Dubai? The great thing about so many nationalities all living together in the

01Sep 2018

The new school year in Dubai is upon us, so the roads will be getting busier and the supermarkets definitely crazier on

30Aug 2018

Introduction: Work began on Khalifa Sat, the first 100% Emirati satellite, in late 2013. By 2014 all the designs were

20Aug 2018

Women have been putting henna on their bodies for over 9000 years. Cleopatra is one of the most famous women to have

18Aug 2018

Films were shown outdoors as early as the 1960s in Dubai. The Al Watan Cinema would project films onto a white wall in