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What's Up Dubai

In less than 90 seconds, find out the latest events, trends, and happenings in the world’s most favored oasis located in a desert.. Dubai!
17Feb 2019

Shaha and Shaikha Alohali are young Saudi sisters that are bringing their dreams to life in Dubai. They’ve been

Photo: Indoor Fun to Survive the Heat video more
Reem Malkawi
15Aug 2017

As the summer’s sizzling temperature crosses 40 degrees Celsius, the fun and adventure does not have to stop. It’s

22Sep 2019

Her Royal Highness Princess Haya bint Al Hussein, wife of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and

15Aug 2017

Dubai has witnessed rapid development over the past few decades, with a contribution of its 4 major ports that have

01May 2019

The bidding war for the largest online store in the Middle East concluded with the US-based Amazon acquiring Souq.com

29May 2017

Padel Tennis is one of the games that combines several games, including tennis and squash. It can be played in closed

30May 2017

Mobile dining trucks are gaining popularity in the UAE. They are a new addition to the restaurant industry and offers a

18Sep 2017

This summer is set to be scorcher as starry names from Hollywood and Bollywood make their way to these shores to steal

19May 2019

Road Safety UAE, QIC Insured and Gargash Insurance Brokers analyzed the 2016 Ramadan claims data of 1,845 reported

Photo: Sustainable Future for the Houbara video more
Sameera Obaid
30Jun 2017

The International Fund for Houbara Conservation (Bustard), which was established in 2007, is responsible for managing a

29May 2017

The UAE’s Ministry of Finance has announced that it will start implement a selective tax on goods that affect health;

Photo: Need For Speed video more
Reza Rabaya
23Jun 2017

Unleash your need for speed in a safe and controlled environment by sampling some of the UAE’s adrenaline-charge

Photo: Ready for Eid video more
Sameera Obaid
19Aug 2017

Every nation has a national dress, and the local male of the Gulf can be recognized from their kandura or thawb. It may

Photo: Dubai: Summer Tourism Destination video more
Sameera Obaid
30Jun 2017

Dubai offers a cost-effective summer alternative to Europe and the US for the different destinations it offers, and the

Photo: Firefighter Style Engagement video more
Sameera Obaid
13Jun 2017

In a beautiful gesture, the Dubai Civil Defense’s UAE Martyrs Center hosted an engagement ceremony where Shelton,

Photo: Naif Museum: Old Armoury video more
Ahlam Ahmad
24Jun 2019

Weapons are part of the UAE’s heritage and history, as men in the region had once used them for self-defense and even

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