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What's Up Dubai

In less than 90 seconds, find out the latest events, trends, and happenings in the world’s most favored oasis located in a desert.. Dubai!
17Feb 2019

Shaha and Shaikha Alohali are young Saudi sisters that are bringing their dreams to life in Dubai. They’ve been

08Mar 2017

The UAE government and federal entities marked International Women’s Day by celebrating the achievements of its female

04May 2021

Caring for pets during the hot summer months can be difficult , but Dubai always has innovative solutions to offer!

09May 2021

A right and a duty to Allah, a purification for the fasting person and food for the needyhe joy of Eid .. is for those

05Apr 2021

Did you know that Dubai locally produces most of the fish sold in the markets? Thanks to “Fish Farm” that plays a key

10Mar 2021

You might have bought your own stationery here, for your children, or even your grandchildren! Magrudy’s is not an

10May 2017

Dubai has emerged as an ideal city for parents across the region to enroll their children in boarding schools.

10May 2017

Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment, an agency of the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism)

21Mar 2017

Canada’s Maggie McDonnell has won the $1m prize for the ‘Best Teacher in the World’. She beat 20,000 applicants and a

20Mar 2017

With Holi celebrations continuing across Dubai, the revelry that eagerly draws in people from different communities has

29Mar 2017

The Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, or ‘Fazza’ to his ardent followers, rode

02Mar 2017

Emiratis are breaking new ground across all sectors in the workforce, with the Emirates Defence Industries Company (

16May 2017

A resolution has been issued in Dubai to regulate the licensing and use of recreational motorcycles. It was issued by

10Apr 2017

As Dubai’s quest for arts goes beyond mainstream, pop-up cinemas across the city offer film buffs a chance to step out

30May 2017

Mobile dining trucks are gaining popularity in the UAE. They are a new addition to the restaurant industry and offers a

24Mar 2017

As the shimmering gold paint starts to appear across its sleek surface, the final innings of this Dubai landmark has

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