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27Jan 2019

We are all guilty of leaving many items in our cars, thinking we may need them outside home. But there are some items

Photo: Why does rain smell so good? video more
Reza Rabaya
08Dec 2019

It doesn’t rain very often in the UAE, but one of the best things about it when it does is that almost indescribable

21Oct 2019

Oddly satisfying videos can be found all over social media platforms. From Youtube to Twitter and Instagram, people

30Sep 2019

In this video, we are highlighting some historical facts of life in old Dubai, based on Emirati writer Abdul Ghaffar

27Aug 2019

The new school year in Dubai is upon us, so the roads will be getting busier and the supermarkets definitely crazier on

26Aug 2019

If you can’t seem to find any time for yourself, you may be too into the digital realm. If you also find yourself

Photo: Happiness is a Chemical video more
Mohamed Emad
25Aug 2019

Dopamine is a chemical produced in the brain and it affects many sensations and behaviors. It plays a key role in the

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