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Useful and Inspiring

Photo: The next time your kids lose their milk tooth make sure not to throw them away! video more
Reem Malkawi
06Sep 2018

A study showed that milk teeth contain a large number of intermediate stem cells that can regenerate most of the

Photo: Flags of Formula 1 Races video more
Al Hanoof Al Jassmi
21Nov 2018

If you’re a fan of F1 you’ll have seen the different flags that get raised throughout the race. They’ve all got their

Photo: Tips for a longer life video more
Sameera Obaid
13Nov 2018

It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can always do things to make sure you have a healthier, longer life. Just dong

Photo: Safe driving during “Heavy Rainfall” and bad weather conditions video more
Al Hanoof Al Jassmi
12Nov 2018

Abu Dhabi’s Occupational Safety and Health Center “OSHAD” has initiated a series of important safety tips for drivers.

Photo: Harvey Ball is the designer of the world's most famous emoji, for which he only ever earned $45! video more
Makhzoom Abbadi
11Nov 2018

The smiley appeared for the first time in 1963, when the American designed the bright symbol for an insurance company

Photo: Does your barber do this? video more
Raza Rabaya
06Nov 2018

Barbershops are now a popular part of the UAE’s cultural landscape. They don’t just offer haircuts, though. They act as

Photo: Beetles were used for lipstick by ancient Egyptian women video more
Sameera Obaid
23Oct 2018

The first lipstick can be traced back to ancient Egyptian women, who’d crush beetles to make the product. Queen