An exceptional Blue Hole was spotted by the Environment Agency of AD in Al Dhafra Waters at the size of 45,000 square meters and 12 meters deep! What do you know about the importance of these natural phenomena? They are under water depressions near the costal line rich in marine life and often circular in shape, including cave-like geological structures that are called vertical caves. Blue Holes attract divers from all around the globe due to the richness in coral reefs and diversity in fish, here are some of the most prominent ones around the world:
1)  Dean Blue Hole
Located in the Bahamas, it is well-known and is 202 meters deep
2) Dahab Egypt Blue Hole
It is 130 meters deep!
3) Yongle Blue Hole
Located in the Southern Chinese Sea, it is the deepest of all at 300 meters!
The new Blue Hole in Al Dhafra has over 10 coral types, It is also home to local fish such as, Grouper, Farsh, Sha’ri, Jash and various more. Will Al Dhafra waters become the leading destination for divers in the UAE?