After nearly 100 years of attempts to win an Olympic golden medal..
Tears of joy marked a historic moment for the Philippine at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics
Thanks to weight lifter “Hidilyn Diaz” who won the women’s 55-kilogram competition
Behind the achievement is a story of determination and willpower
Diaz first trained alone in the beginning of her career without any professional support due to difficult financial circumstances
Driven by a dream, she started participating in the world Olympics:
• 2008: At 17, she was the youngest weightlifter at the Beijing Olympics
• 2012: She was unable to finish the competition due to an injury at the London Olympics
• 2016: She won a silver medal at the Rio Olympics in Brazil
This year she lifted 224 kilograms, snatched the gold medal, and set an Olympic record!
More importantly, Diaz made the Philippine’s national anthem play for the first time in the history of the Olympics!
If you are striving for a dream in your life.. be like Diaz
Rely on yourself and never stop until you achieve it!