For the gold to be ready in stores, it goes through several key stages, the beginning is a tree made of wax carrying gold studded with diamonds in its branches.

The gold is melted, ready to be poured into molds, before moving on to the design phase to estimate the amount of diamond required and their place in the design.

Designers print the final design using three-dimensional printer on wax molds formed on the shape of a tree, and is printed on  large numbers  to form the golden diamonds.

The diamonds are attached on the branches after they finish the classification of color, size, quality, and purity, and they choose the right diamond that will fit the design form.

The gold is poured inside the wax tree after the wax is melted to fill the empty space, after that it goes through several stages of quality control, audit, polishing and sanding to ensure the quality and production is as desired, to appear in its final form.

Dubai as an active international center for diamond trade and is featured with the Diamond Exchange this will greatly encourage tourists to buy diamonds from Dubai, because the quality is guaranteed and it got a competitive prices.