‘We are in the business of creating happy moments for people,’ says Emirati national, Ahmed Ben Chaibah.

Chaibah has also adopted this very slogan for his Aqua Fun waterpark, located in Jumeirah Beach Residence.

Ben Chaibah says: ‘Playing games helps relive that childish joy, which people can enjoy even after they grow old.’

After graduating from the University of Sharjah in 1999, Ben Chaibah set a career goal, focusing on waterparks and games.

‘I started this business when I designed the first waterpark in the form of the UAE flag at the Abu Dhabi Corniche,’ he recalls. ‘The idea was popular amongst visitors and so, I later went on to develop it further by designing the largest waterpark that spells the word ‘Dubai’.’

Ben Chaibah reveals that he faced difficulties at the beginning of his career, even dealing with failure several times before he found success.

He adds: ‘My previous projects were temporary, and many of them did not work, but I did not lose hope and ambition.

‘Today, my successful business is idea no. 41, which has led to the expansion of my business and opening branches in Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman.’