‘I am attracted by a city’s distinct features and beauty, so I try to capture this splendor with my lens,’ says Emirati photographer Abdullah Al Buqaish.

When the lens man speaks about cityscapes photography, the passion can be utterly felt.

Al Buqaish tells Dubai Post that he began photography as a hobby, before opening his own studio. Later, and in order to further widen his perspectives, he joined the Sawarah photography group that currently has around 200 Emirati photographers.

He continues: ‘I started my career taking pictures at the The Fazza Championships for Falconry. This encouraged me to shoot more and hone my talent’.

Speaking about his current series of photos, Al Buqaish says: ‘I chose cityscapes as photography subject because many buildings in the UAE have amazing architectural design, including the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab. Others are rich in their Islamic designs, such as the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi and many buildings in Sharjah’.

Al Buqaish noted that winter is the best season to practice photography as a hobby in the UAE, explaining: ‘In winter, the atmosphere is moderate and suitable for photography’.

Talking about the challenges he has faced, Al Buqaish adds: ‘Every event I cover is different from the other, and this proves to be a continuous challenge that has encouraged me to learn new concepts and techniques about photography’.