‘Dangerous paths take you to beautiful places’- a motto that Emirati photographer and adventurer Mohammed Ahli lives by, while preparing for his next adventure.
This time around, Ahli heads to Hameem, an area in The Empty Quarter or Rub Al Khali, located near the UAE-Saudi Arabian border.
He camps there and shoots the movement of the stars, capturing their indescribable beauty.
According to Ahli, Hameem is one of the most beautiful places he has visited.
The sand reflects different shades, which vary between white, red, dark red, dark yellow, brown, and beige.
‘These sand dunes move about 1cm every few years due to the sand storms in the area,’ he says, adding: ‘Hameem is also famous for its tallest sand dunes, with some 360m high.’
Ahli says he initially faced pressure from his family when he first camped alone or with a friend in the desert.
‘My family wasn’t happy with this. They were worried that something bad might happen to me,’ he recalls. ‘However, as years passed by, they now realise that I cannot live without discovering new places.’
He adds: ‘Camping in the desert gives me an incredible feeling. People normally prefer to stay at 5-star hotels, but for me, this is a 5-billion-star hotel!
‘It is a feeling that I cannot describe in words. The sky is clear and urges me to clear my thoughts and watch the stars pass by. It is the most beautiful thing in this world.’