These geological formations may look like something from out of this world, but a closer look at these images will show the artistic mastery of photographer Mohammad Ahli who took these during a hiking trip to Hatta.

Quiz the talented Emirati and he will say these images resemble the Mars surface.

Ahli prepares his equipment, drives his car to the destination of choice, and parks himself to wait for the sunset.

‘I choose to film at sunset because of the burst of colours reflected on the horizon. You feel very small when you’re in a place like this,’ says Ahli, as he describes the valleys and beauty of Hatta.

He says this area reminds him very much of the pictures he sees of the red planet, in the oddity of its ‘rock formations’ and the vivid red colour.

Located 135kms from Dubai, Ahli reveals as a child he used to ‘catch frogs with my friends in this place and swim together.’

He believes that It takes a lot of patience and numerous attempts to get that perfect shot because of Hatta’s distinctive landscape.