‘If a person is determined to attain something in life, then nothing can prevent him from achieving it, despite difficulties.’

This sums up the determination of Emirati photographer and explorer, Mohammed Ahli, who continues to uncover new adventures in some of the most perilous areas in the country.

Ahli’s latest journey is aboard a bicycle, which takes him to Jebel Jais, Ras Al Khaimah, in a bid to reach the highest mountain peak in the country.
Ahli says he mounted the expedition to challenge himself, and not just to film a new episode of his travels.
‘This time, I managed to cycle 25km to the top of the mountain,’ he says. ‘It is a great feeling because every time I try something new, I challenge my ability to succeed.
‘And when I make it, I look forward to the next challenge.’
According to Ahli, Jebel Jais is the highest mountain in the UAE, standing tall at a height that is just shy of 1,900m. It makes for a natural border between the UAE and Oman, with several villages and farms situated in its foothills.
The mountain peak has also witnessed snowfall over the past few years, with plans to develop the area as a tourist destination in the future.
Ahli describes Jebel Jais as the North Pole of the UAE because temperatures here are usually 10 degrees lower than at the base of the mountain.
The young Emirati adds: ‘When you reach the summit, there is a sense of joy and a clarity of mind because the place is so peaceful.’
He continues: ‘I love adventure, and exploring new places. It is wonderful sense of achievement.’
Every Wednesday’s trip with Mohammed Ahli
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