Chocolate is a source of happiness for many, including Ahlam Al Marzooqi, the young Emirati woman who started a business from home, indulging in this very pleasure.

The Sharjah resident launched her venture, ‘Heart of Chocolate’, with hopes of gaining independence as a businessperson.

Speaking with Dubai Post, she said: ‘After graduation, I knew I wanted to start my own business – one that could provide an alternative to working for someone else and generate a satisfying income.’

Al Marzooqi travelled extensively to learn more about the chocolate industry, even enrolling in several courses to educate herself.

‘In the beginning, I used to import ingredients to the UAE. However, this turned into a very expensive affair,’ she explained.

Al Marzooqi continued: ‘As I got a better understanding of the business, I met a lot of people from the industry who showed me that my country organically produced high quality ingredients.

‘There was literally no need to travel abroad to import basics.’

Measuring ingredients with precision, maintaining the right temperature to melt batter and even molding shapes with accuracy are all key steps in the chocolate making process.

That is why Al Marzooqi has created a small factory in her home and purchased expensive equipment to prove to herself that she can succeed in this venture.

‘The heart is the most important organ in the human body. Similarly, I believe chocolate is the key ingredient for living,’ she said.

This is the reason behind naming her business, ‘Heart of Chocolate’.