Over the years, Marnie Turnor’s extended family has collected casts of their children’s hands that the Australian national created herself, using nontoxic materials – the kind that dentists use to make teeth molds.

The UAE resident, who has called Dubai home for the past 18 years, did the same when her own children were born, keeping framed memories of their small hands and feet around her home.

When people visited her, they were often impressed by her work and requested Turnor to do the same for their children.

Six years ago, Turnor opened her own shop in Dubai to make a business out of her hobby. However, when realising that young mothers often found it difficult to visit her shop, she closed it down and started a home business.

Turnor now visits these mothers at home, keeping them and the babies in their comfort zone, while molding their keepsakes.

Most of her customers and friends are Emirati, with Turnor admitting she loves UAE customs and traditions.

She says: ‘I am very impressed of the Emirati culture; it is so different from Australia. In the UAE, people also prepare gifts for the guests and name their children after their grandparents.’

She continues: ‘In my own way, I am giving them something that they will treasure forever.’