What does not kill you makes you stronger”.. these were the words that Sara Al Ajnaf raised high when a mere second prevented her from participating in the Olympic Games of 2016.

This set back only managed to create opportunities for Tunisia’s Golden Swimmer, even though it made her stop swimming all together for a while.

Sara Al Ajnaf has been swimming since she was only three years old. Today she insists that there lies a golden chance within every dream and project we have.

“If you dream as a child, you eventually reach that dream as an adult”

In 2019, Sara participated with Al Wasl Club of the UAE in the World Swimming Championship of 2019 despite a fractured shoulder incident which occurred shortly prior the event.

She described her unexpected success at the time saying: “Instead of one silver medal, I came back with four gold medals!”

Commitment and a dream.. those were the only elements Sara needed to carve her name in to history!

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