Emirati women have flourished in arts and creativity because female empowerment in the cultural fields is already the norm in the UAE.

On today’s episode of Hi Dubai, we meet Sara Khalifa Al Mubarak, an Emirati photographer who’s been able to turn what was once a hobby into a business.

She’s the founder of SKM Media: “I love my job so much. I spend about three hours every day driving around Dubai to find new, beautiful locations for my pictures.” 

Sara also loves living here in Dubai. “Dubai has diversity of people and culture from all over the world. Tolerance means accepting all the different cultures and religions with respect. People are people, regardless of their languages or religions.”

On life away from work, Sara’s passion is cooking and one restaurant even let her create a dish for them (it’s the SKM Coconut curry at Happy Egg). “I hope one day I have my own restaurant”, she says.

Find out more about Sara and see some incredible footage of Dubai here in our latest episode of Hi Dubai.