As the Prime Minister of the UAE and ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum says – we’re beyond the stage of empowering women in our society.

Now, we empower society through women. Here on today’s episode of Hi Dubai, we meet another incredible and inspiring Emirati lady.

Maryam Bartawi is an Emirati entrepreneur, empowerment coach, athlete and she recently developed an interest in philanthropy.

“I was very active as a child”, she tells us. “I always wanted to get the next goal done. I graduated high school, I got the job I wanted…and then I realised, there’s something missing. Even though I had the job I wanted, and the salary I wanted, there’s something that I was looking for.”

Maryam realised the answers were within herself and began to wonder how she could empower herself to reach her aspirations.

She realised she loved helping people, and wanted to “invite them to a world of joy and peace and harmony.” Her career as an empowerment coach began.

“The best memory for me in Dubai was when they announced there was a Ministry of Happiness. Not only for the name, but for the aspiration behind it.

Creating a place for people to feel safe and like they belong and feel happy isn’t just something that’s important for Dubai but for the entire Arab evolution.

And why does Maryam love Dubai?

“Dubai has given me a sense of belonging. A place I feel very supported. A place where I feel like I can flourish and pursue my dreams.”

On the future of women in Dubai, Maryam thinks those prospects are bright. “The focus here is actually on women and youth and that definitely is our future.”