Sana Sajan is a qualified dentist, beauty queen and painter.

“I’m living in Dubai and here I absorb more and I reflect more”, says Sana. “I love to paint, I started doing auctions for my paintings and whatever money was coming I started using it for children with special needs and thalassemia [an inherited blood disorder] awareness.”

“I’m so proud to live here in UAE. We have a ministry of happiness here!”, says Sana. “And as a director of the Danube Welfare Centre, we can try to help the labourers and blue collar workers here in UAE free English language education and computer classes as well as personality development.”  

And after so many years in Dubai, does Sana still enjoy it here?

“Dubai and UAE has more than any other place in the world. Given the choice, ten times, a hundred times I would still choose to come to UAE and live here because this is what I call home.”

There doesn’t seem to be an end to Sana’s talents or whirlwind life, so make sure to check out the rest in today’s Hi Dubai!