A kind heart always shines through thick skin.. and this is a story of a selfless being; a person who is known for being the most generous here in the UAE and back in her home town, the Philippines. St.Teresita Capurehan, or Sister "Terry" as everyone calls her, is the Director of St. Mary's Private School in Ras Al Khaimah, one of the first Expo 2020 Dubai volunteer stars we have met, and a brilliant figure who fell in love with the UAE since setting foot in Dubai back in 2014.

Upon meeting her, she greeted us with a big smile and a warm welcome before diving deep into her full story.

"In 2014, I had the opportunity to come to the Emirates, commissioned by our authority, and I felt at home when I arrived in Dubai because of the exceptional welcome they give us... It's amazing! Everyone welcomes you even if you are new to the place," says Teresita.

And about her role in the upcoming huge event, she said: "I am not only excited, but I am thrilled!  I look forward to being at the Expo and to be with people, no matter what I will be assigned."

Our conversation with Sister Terry is unique and rather fascinating.. watch the full story for more details!