100 years in Dubai made the family of grandfather "Uttamchand Bhatia" one of the oldest Indian families residing in Dubai to this day.

The story begins when Uttamchand's uncle, his care taker, decided to settle in Dubai to establish a textile shop in 1920. At 11 years of age, Uttamchand used to help his uncle run the business in the most difficult conditions.

Luckily, the caretakers of Sheikha Hessa bint Al-Murr, mother of Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum noticed Uttamchand being mistreated on one of their trips to the market. They then spoke to Sheikha Hessa about the only little boy working amongst men in the textile market.

Sheikha Hessa then took matters into her own hands, personally taught grandfather Uttamchand the Arabic language, and even helped him start his own project. The only condition was that Uttamchand would help Sheikh Rashid learn skills of trading.

Uttamchand then started a textile business in 1922 under the name "Uncle's Shop". While it later transformed into a building materials supplier, it remains under the original name until today.

Ever since, the Bhatia family remained close to the ruling family of Dubai, and its members still carry many memories engraved in their hearts until today.

Grandfather Uttamchand was a true caretaker of the Indian community in Dubai. He contributed to many initiatives like building a school, a sports club, and a Hindu temple.

Join us on an exceptional journey through generations of the Bhatia family in Dubai with the grandson, Deepak Bhatia.