One may not always need the right background to start a home business. Take “Jagrati Bang” for example, owner of a special art project with experience in finance! Handcrafted to perfection, Style ‘O Maison creates unique pieces that level up your home décor!

Her story began upon moving from India to Dubai, the city of life, back in in 2019.  Jagrati who is a mother of a four-year-old child began her search for a job in the UAE after years of working in finance in several countries around the world. During her first years of marriage, she moved between several countries due to the nature of her husband's work before settling in Dubai.

With every new country she lived in, it meant a new home that needed different decorative touches in alignment with the surrounding culture. Upon coming to Dubai, she was on a new journey to learn about the culture of the UAE, coincided with her search for a suitable job.

A few months later, the world was surprised by the Corona pandemic, and Jagrati was forced to stop looking for a job. Consequently, this sparked an idea in her mind: starting a small unique home décor project!

Jagrati soon embarked on a journey to learn the basics of home business and traveled to India to find suppliers for the materials she needed. In addition, she learned how to drive for the first time in her life to be able to deliver products herself to customers, in hopes to add a personal touch to her product.

Today, a year after launching Style 'O Maison', Jagrati has a loyal client base. She shares her success with small homeowners in India's by purchasing essentials from them before adding in her own artistic touches so that no two pieces in her collection are alike!

Watch the full video to learn further details shared by Jagrati during a special meeting with Dubai Post.