You will find it being sold at some of the oldest areas in the UAE to the most expensive streets such as Dubai’s Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard.

Majority of the shops that sell Karak tea are considered successful due to the endless rows of cars lining up to get a small cup of this strong and addictive tea.  

'Karak Tea's'popularity began decades ago when it was considered as a quick breakfast for military officers who did not have enough time to have 'Riouq' or breakfast. The officers bought it from nearby restaurants and cafeterias. Eventually, it became a popular drink throughout the day and night and developed from the basic 'Karak Tea' which is made of red tea, water, milk and sugar to include different flavors such as cardomon, saffron, biscuits, ginger, cinnamon, and other spices.
Preparing 'Karak Tea' also varies from one place to the other, depending on personal preference. Some like it strong, while other likes it with more milk. Some shops also went a step further and began making Karak ice cream and iced Karak tea.
In Dubai, particularly during the winter months, thousands of cups of Karak tea are sold every day. Their prices range from Dh1 to Dh25 in high end cafes and restaurants.