From the tallest tower in the world, a woman sends messages of peace and love in an unusual way – through a cup of tea.
Japanese national, Yasuyo Suzuki, first moved to Dubai 3 years ago and has been fascinated by the cultural diversity visible here.

‘I did not imagine we would leave Japan one day and raise our kids away from our home country. But since our first night here, my husband and I have been fascinated by the city,’ she explains. ‘It was his idea that we move here. And I realised that Dubai is a great city to raise our four children.’

Yasuyo is a firm believer in raising children in a multicultural environment.

She says: ‘Here in Dubai, my children study in American schools, which has students from 72 different nationalities.

‘I think it is good for our children to be raised and taught in a multicultural environment. They also have friends from different cultures.’

Her husband, Shun Suzuki, feels they are a part of Dubai.

The cultural differences between the UAE and Japan have been largely negligible, he says, because ‘Dubai respects differences and deals with it with love and tolerance.’

In turn, Yasuyo spreads the love by bringing her own culture to Dubai by hosting Japanese tea ceremonies.

The tea ceremony, also called the ‘Way of Tea’, is a Japanese cultural activity involving a ceremonial preparation and presentation of powdered green tea called ‘matcha’.

She explains: ‘The Japanese tea ceremony started more than 1,000 years ago in our country. I learned it in kindergarten. Now, I present it to the world by hosting special tea ceremonies at Burj Al Arab.

‘I also cater for friends and neighbours at Burj Khalifa, and they love it.’

The mother of 4 says that with every cup of Japanese tea, she sends messages of love and peace to the world from Dubai.