Every nation has a national dress, and the local male of the Gulf can be recognized from their kandura or thawb.

It may seem at first glance that the national dress of all the Gulf countries men look similar, but some signs would differentiate one national dress from another.

Here in the UAE, the Arabian kandura is the most commonly type worn by Emirati men. It is characterized by simple embroidery around the neck and sleeves, and its designs vary depending on the person's taste. The extra piece that looks like a tie at the front of the Arabian kandura is called tarboosh, and that can be seen in Emirati and Omani kanduras, but the tarboosh of the latter is smaller.

The kandura fabrics are imported from many countries, but the high-quality ones are from Japan and the UK.

The Japanese fabric is often used during summer due to its soft texture and light colors, which ranges from white to beige, and its price ranges from Dh15 to Dh60 per meter depending on the quality.

On the other hand, the English fabric is usually used during winter as the fabric is made of a mixture of wool and cotton; some of its colors are black, brown, grey, green, purple and blue. However, it costs between Dh180 to Dh380 per meter depending on the quality.