Money is not everything for the young Nepalese Ramu Sunar. The respect and appreciation which he receives is a reward to his work, and comes ahead of any other consideration, he said.

Ramu came to Dubai several years ago to work as a security guard, carrying his passion for Karate with him.
“I have one goal in life, to master the skills of this game, and pass what I learn to others,” he said.

Ramu has long working hours, but this does not stop him from training others. His love and passion for Karate made him train many migrant workers to enable them to learn the skills of self-defense, and to refine morality.

He says "While at work, I am in constant contact with my trainees. I urge them to improve their skills, and practice more each week.”

According to Ramu, he has not gained a lot of money in life, but he earned the respect of his colleagues and trainees.

He adds: “When I pass away, I want people to remember me as an expert in martial arts, and to remember what I gave to my students. That is what really matters to me.”