The one-year-old Penguin Hug was born in Dubai; she currently lives with many other penguins at Ski Dubai, Mall of the Emirates. In this video, she tells the story of her society; the penguins’ personalities and behaviors, and emotions of jealousy, anger, and love that they hold.

Hug walks around and conveys the picture of her life, and what does penguins in her small society do during his or her day.

As dozens of people visit Ski Dubai every day to see the aquatic, flightless birds, and their performances, many of them do not understand the lifestyle these beautiful creatures have behind the walls, but Hug, the Emirati penguin, will reveal to you how does her society look like.

Note #1: The egg appeared at the beginning of the video, is the newborn Lulu, daughter of Mcfatty and Squeaky, and a new society member.

Note #2: The events, characters, and behaviors showed in the video are real.