"I like to wear hats and I think everyone should wear them at Dubai World Cup and wherever they can, because it's one of the few opportunities you can wear a hat in," said Ana Pribylova, an Australian hat designer.

She has worked previously with leading UK fashion designers to set up her own hat manufacturing company in Australia and London.

Ana is visiting Dubai as a member of the “Dubai World Cup” jury this year, after she came to Dubai for the first time in 2014 as a participant in the fashion awards competition.

This year she will be in the fashion jury to choose the best outfit and hat. In 2016 she won the best hat design award and in 2017 on the Best Design Award at “Dubai World Cup”.

Ana designed many hats in different shapes and colors that cannot be ever copied by anyone else.

That is why she made a special hat for Prince Harry's wedding guest in the UK. "I was thrilled to see my design on television as one of the best designs in the royal wedding," she said.