‘Dubai is an artistic oasis and its architectural design always inspires me.’

This is what Khuloud Thani, founder of Bint Thani fashion line, cites as the reason behind the success of her women’s designer collection.
Khuloud’s journey in the world of fashion started when she graduated in management and fashion marketing at the French University of Esmoud. Her education also continued at the London College of Fashion.

In 2012, Khuloud launched Bint Thani studio from Dubai, where she designs most of her fashion lines.

Khuloud says her love and passion for the history of fashion is quite evident in the pieces she designs. This is further fueled by her love for travelling, along with visiting museums and international exhibitions that are related to history of fashion.

However, the road to success is not easy. Khuloud says fashion designing is one of the most difficult areas to work in.

‘Designers must be familiar with the fashion lines that will be trending nine months in advance,’ she points out.

The proud Emirati adds that during her participation in fashion shows outside the UAE, she is always eager to be an ambassador to her country and keen to highlight local raw materials from her country that have been incorporated in her collection, such as camel skin.