When I jump on the trampoline, I feel free. It makes me forget my problems. The trampoline is my small corner where I feel happy,” with these words, the Spanish trampoline gymnastic, Cristofer Manero described his job.

Cristofer was doing trampoline shows around the world, especially in Europe, Asian and New York. “About four years ago, I came to Dubai to participate in a show at the Global Village, and it was an amazing experience. I fell in love with the city, and decided to settle down here.”

He added that he has been doing shows all his life. “My father was a circus clown, and I did my first circus show at the age of four years. Later on, my parents sent me to a circus school where I learnt acrobatics, juggling and all other techniques.”

Later on, Cristofer became a professional gymnastic and joined the Spanish National Team where he did very well and became the Spanish Champion in gymnastic for five years. “I also participated in the Spanish team for World Cup, Europe Cup, and I also represented my country internationally in many events.”

As a kid, Cristofer loved the trampoline, and his dream job was to do something with the trampoline. “I did trampoline all my life, and cannot imagine my life without it. It is the perfect job for me, and I am lucky to be able to do it as a profession.”

Cristofer got married here in Dubai about three years ago, and his wife was one of his students.

“We have a beautiful baby, and our life here is perfect. My son also loves the trampoline, and after delivery and being discharged from the hospital, I brought him here to the trampoline center before taking him home.”

He added: “I can imagine my life without jump? Yes. I can imagine my life without trampoline? No.”