What was once a hobby is now a career for Emarati creator, Omar Al Marri.

Sharing his experience working on the mini-world he creates with his miniature sculptures, Al Marri describes his little kingdom a vivid snapshot of life.

For the young creator, the escapism of his art is not lost on him, saying: “It whisks me away from everyday life pressures. Ultimately, creativity needs your mind to be clear, irrespective of your talent.”

Al Marri recalls his creative journey began in 2005, when he first picked up the camera to pursue photography.

He says: “I used to watch YouTube clips on how to take photos. Gradually, I began to experiment by filming toys.

“It was during this phase that I progressed to viewing videos of miniature sculptures, and was hooked. I soon began to import such models from Germany."

Al Marri further stated, in the beginning, he was dependent on others to bring him the small-scale models he would eventually build a career on.

However, five years later, he became the exclusive agent for these models in the UAE.

"This was my hobby; today it become my career and I’m proud of that,” he states.

The father of four children continues: “I faced a lot of criticism from my friends and family during the initial days, several comparing my passion for miniatures to mere toys for children.

“This changed when I founded my own company. Now, I travel to several exhibitions and events for work and my creations are sold in international markets.”

Quiz Al Marri and he advises everyone who has a hobby or a dream to never give up in face of criticism from others.