Dozens stared at me while I stood barefood in a cold training room. While preparing to participate in my first training group, feelings of not belonging overwhelmed me, but those were no match for the energy I had for the challenge.

Dabkeh and popular dances dominate the artistic landscape in my hometown, but I fell in love with contemporary dance during a cultural event. I knew, learning how to dance at 20 years old wouldn’t stop me from becoming a professional.  

A vivid memory flashes before my eyes every now then.. it’s from 11 years ago, and it portrays the very essence of my story, as I was a part of an impressive group of dancers at the Sima Dance Company. We worked, danced, and performed amazingly together as a family, that was until I was forced to leave my country.

Starting from scratch is not easy. I left my family, my friends, and my career behind.

Life actually made me start from the beginning twice! From Syria to Lebanon in 2013, a short lived life.. Though I did achieve some successes with my family "Sima".

Soon I had to leave again to the UAE in 2015. It’s been almost 4 years.. and I don’t think I’ll ever leave this life.

I became a part of a much larger family I really do feel like I belong in Dubai! Everything surrounding me is familiar.. it feels like home.

I never stopped being optimistic here.. I’m doing the work that I love in such a welcoming environment.

It keeps me happy and full of life. “Sima” continued to perform in the UAE with incredible artistic shows

Looking back from where I stand now.. I have no regrets. I’ve made the right choices.

I’m living in the city of dreams, doing the work that I love, while waiting for my first born!

What could I ever need more?

I am Lana Yashara

This is who I am..