Since childhood, he had a dream to grow up and become a marine mammal specialist. And he was lucky to be able to achieve that.  

Fabio Silveria, a Portuguese marine mammal specialist at the Dolphin Bay at Atlantis the Palm describes his job as a lifestyle, and added that dealing with Dolphins in a passion and joy.   

He told Dubai Post that becoming a marine mammal specialist was always the dream of life. “I am one of the few lucky people around the world that get to do exactly what they expect in life.”

Fabio’s passion for dolphins and marine mammals started in his childhood. “I lived by the beach, and the love for marine life came easily to me. My parents also supported me and sent me to a special school to study marine biology at the age of 14 years.  Then, I was fortunate to get a job as a marine mammals specialist in a facility in Portugal where I worked before coming to Dubai.”

Fabio found through social media that one of his friends is working at Atlantis the Palm. “I found it interesting, and I applied, and was lucky to get a job here in Dubai. And I have been here for ten years.”