Sharifa Naser Yateem is the first Emirati behavior analyst certified by the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board. She has more than 8 years’ experience in treating various issues with children with Autism such as challenging problem behaviors, sleeping issues, feeding issues, academic issues, inclusion in the community, daily living skills, social and communication skills. 

At the moment she is completing her PhD degree in Education Focusing in Special Needs and Inclusion at The British University in Dubai. She is also working as a consultant at New England Center for Children in Abu Dhabi.

“My major passion is to work with and make a difference to kid’s lives and their families”, says Sharifa.

 “What makes me happy? When I see parents accepting their child having opened their eyes. And I see the future for People of Determination in the UAE brighter than before. Our leaders are putting a lot of attention on them. It’s very important.”

There’s a lot more to the life of this inspiring Emirati woman. Watch today’s episode of Hi Dubai as we follow her at work and beyond and she tells us what tolerance – one of the UAE’s key values – means to her.