Meet Safa Srour, a Digital Content Creator and Community Health Specialist in Dubai with 1.7 million followers on Instagram and 1.24 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Only in Dubai, the city that embraces 200 nationalities, Safa found the perfect place to her multicultural background where she could communicate her passion for volunteerism and awareness. Born into a cultural mix, she is keen to provide educational and beauty related content targeted at women.

With the aim to provide specialized content in the field of community health and development, Safa’s medical background enabled her to participate in several government awareness campaigns in Dubai, especially during the “Corona Period” and home quarantine.

In this video, Safa Sorour shared her glowing success story with the Dubai Post team, in hopes to inspire more people and give some insights about Dubai, “The City of Life’ that embraces ambitions and diversity.