Today on Hi Dubai we talk to Khadija Mustafa Al Yousuf, an Emirati woman working as the head of marketing in the Press Sector at Dubai Media Incorporated.  
“Dubai has a very interesting combination”, says Khadija. It’s giving us safety, it’s giving us love, it’s giving us great moments, great experience. When we travel and go to other places and we say we’re coming from Dubai, we just see a big smile. How proud are those moments for us as Dubaians?”

On the media, Khadija explains how it has such a big responsibility here in UAE. “It shows what’s happening in UAE and in Dubai and its role is very important in taking Dubai and the UAE to the next levels. We give the world a clear message about our country and its vision.”

At the Dubai Press Sector, there are many different nationalities and religions. Khadija explains how everybody works together in harmony. It illustrates one of the big words in the UAE right now: tolerance.
The UAE is the first and only country in the world to appoint a minister of state for tolerance, in the hope that everybody will feel welcome.