The oldest Hindu temple in the UAE is located in bustling streets next to Dubai’s Creek. It’s actually two different temples, near to Bur Dubai’s mosque – another testament to the country’s religious tolerance. Today on Hi Dubai, we speak to Shanthi Thangaraj, a legal counsel who’s spent most of her life in Dubai and is a regular at the temple with her family.

“I grew up in a Hindu household, our weekend tradition was always visiting the Hindu temple in Bur Dubai. It’s continued for 35 years in my family. As a Hindu I try to live my life on the principles of doing good in your life to the people around you. Every good deed in your life is going to come back to you. That is the essence of what karma is. It’s about living your life so you do good for yourself and the people around you.”

“As a Hindu I’ve been able to live my life the way I’ve wanted to. It’s a beautiful cultural city, everybody can follow their own faith and they can live in peace and respect each other and live in such harmony. This multicultural diversity co-existing together in this beautiful city isn’t common. Dubai gives that and I’m very grateful.”