The first Dubai church was inaugurated in 1967, and there are now two major churches here in Dubai. Today on Hi Dubai we talk with Italian sovereign wealth funds expert Celeste Lo Turco, a Catholic who was baptised by Pope John Paul II.

“When I came to Dubai I didn’t just have the opportunity to freely continue my faith”, says Celeste. “I was also able to go to church. There are two churches in Dubai. I think the best experience for me was at Christmas. My Hindu friend said ‘you know what, you’re alone here. Let me come with you to share your belief’.“

On what Celeste loves about UAE and living in Dubai, Celeste is clear. “One of the things that makes you feel you’re living a unique experience in Dubai is that in your daily work you can contribute a little bit to the future of the UAE. This opportunity isn’t always given everywhere in the world.”