Most private schools in the emirate have a clear vision and policy on the importance of having a global and highly tolerant environment. In these schools, religion, ethnicity, language, nationality, gender and origin does not matter. All of them are equal, and all of them work side by side throughout the academic year.

Annually, thousands of students are graduating from these schools with a strong vision on the importance of being global.

Speaking to Dubai Post, David Cook, Headmaster at Repton Dubai School said that good schools are not just interested in teaching about academic subjects. We do have a responsibility about teaching Math, Arabic and English, but we take very seriously our responsibility of helping parents to turn children into decent young adults.”

“We have a formal responsibility through social studies to respect the culture, the faith and the heritage of the UAE and the Muslim culture in this country, but the UAE is a very liberal and welcoming country and we very much promote internationalism in the school and that not only celebrating the nationalities but also their faiths and their cultures. So whilst we would not have a formal curriculum about Christianity or Hinduism, and the other faiths, but actually the natural of their festivals towards Christmas, International Days or Diwali. We want to recognise and encourage our children to understand that they live in a multi faith country.”

Shane O’Brien, Director, Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS) Arabian Ranches added that most private in the country have strong emphasis on having a global and highly tolerant environment: “We all want good grades, we all want to achieve and success, but the number one priority everyday is how we treat each other, no matter who this person is, where they are from, what their believes are, what they look like, or how they think. And that everybody has a fair and equal chance.”

“The Year of Tolerance is not just for one year. Tolerance is what living in a place like Dubai is all about. We don’t do this because we are told to do it or we are required to do it. WE do it because that is how we live and how we think every day.”