From a very young age, the 15-year-old Hamad Al Bahari has always had a special relationship with birds, specifically parrots. His young age did not stand in way of becoming a parrot trainer at the “UAE Parrots Group”. His passion for birds began 8 years ago when his father brought him a parrot to raise him at home. His urge for training made him search for a specialized team to train and tame his bird. Remarkably, he managed to become a parrot trainer within that same team in a short period of time.

Hamad narrates the story of "Victor" his Macaw parrot, which he named in spirit of his personal experience with free-flight competitions. Competitions for Hamad are not limited to winning; they are rather for creating memories and feelings of pride through hours and days of training a bird until its first flight.

Ali Al Bahri, Hamad's father, who has been by his side standing as a supporter since the very beginning, expressed the impact this passion had on Hamad's behavior. He says, “I know he is different from his siblings, his future holds a lot for him in the field of birds. I am willing to help him grow in any way possible, and that could be expanding the area where he trains and takes care of birds”

Hamad typically gathers every Friday with teammates of the “UAE Parrots Group” at Al Warsan Birds and Pets Market, Dubai. There, an outdoor area has been specially set up for free flight training.