Do you remember the WWE? Or maybe, you still watch it? Here’s the amazing thing about it: Some people made a career because of it.

Hamad Mohammed is a young Emirati who fell in love with the sport since childhood, but he did not find the right venues to practice and follow his passion. However, now he can notice the safe and controlled-environment the country is providing for wrestlers, something that he only thought he ‘could practice in the United States or London’.

DPW, or Dubai Pro-Wrestling, is located at the Dubai World Trade Center, and there Dubai Post met Hamad, who spoke about what wrestling means to him, and also Caleb Hall, a trainer who depicts wrestling matches as ‘stories to be told’.

‘I remember watching a WrestleMania 24 match between Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair,’ Hamad said. ‘After that, I felt like I wanted people to clap for me, to feel sad or happy for me, I wanted those emotions’.

Caleb Hall says about it: ‘You want to see a story where 2 people colliding over a championship belt, or personal differences, wrestling matches are all about stories’.