Greg Shelton is a tandem instructor at Skydive Dubai. He finds passion in helping people feel the thrill of sky diving and enjoy this adventure to the maximum. ‘A lot of people come to Dubai just to Sky Dive and it is a major life achievement for them’ Greg said.

‘I started my career back in the US working both as a skydiver and a wind tunnel instructor. In 2010, a friend of mine who works at Skydive Dubai’s wind tunnel invited me to come here and check out the Skydive Dubai drop zone. I fell in the city and with the facility and didn’t show up at the airport on my departure date, I decided to stay!’

Shelton started skydiving in 1996; ‘I was fortunate that the local airport at my home town had a small skydiving center. One day, I was just driving down the street and saw the canopies flying in the air. I pulled over to check it out and liked it. Then, I did a tandem skydive the same we offer here in Dubai, and fell in love with it and decided to do another one, and that led to another skydive. Eventually I learnt how to skydive on my own and got a license and just continued to skydive until I got my instructor license.

Shelton’s dream job as a child was to become an astronaut. “But I am fortunate to work in a field that allows to work in the sky!. Here in Dubai, skydiving is different than in the US. In the US, most centers are located in rural areas or corn fields and other fields. Here in Dubai, I found a completely different experience where I can skydive in such close proximity to huge skyscrapers with an astonishing lively view.”