You may have drove past the school one day, but have you ever wondered what kind of culture is cultivated there?

The average day in the Japanese School of Dubai draws upon the former country’s rich historical cultural heritage, even in today’s modern times.

They describe it as a culture based on humility, mutual respect and helping others within an educational concept that instills profound values in children.

The academic day starts at 8am, where students are given 15 minutes to clean their school with the help of their teachers.

This may sound strange, but the move – according to the educators – is designed to teach students the principles of humility and self-reliance.

Students are then encouraged to attend a 30-minute reading class before lessons commence.

Aside from the standard curriculum, students also learn Arabic and attend classes on morality, where they learn how to treat people with respect.

For example, if a student is suffering of any type of disability, all students are taught how to respond to the situation and take care of him/her during the school day.

The school also maintains a special rack, where students are encouraged to exchange their shoes for special footwear, worn especially for their classes.

Adopting a unique examination system, in Japan, everyone in class graduates to the next grade, even those students who may have scored poor marks.

The mantra is, students who are not up to par simply require more attention from their teachers to improve upon their overall performance.

The school also encourages students to write a letter to themselves to address self-confidence.