When strolling around the streets of Al Qusais in Dubai, your eyes will definitely fall on the "88 Video Centre"

It is one of the last DVD movie rental shops in Dubai, operating and receiving customers on the same site for more than 30 years!
Kunjummen Varghese, owner of Video Centre 88, was able to open the shop with the support of his friend, the retired Colonel Rashid bin Bakhit Al Jumairi, who is still a friend backing the project to this day
It may have become intuitive to most people that the era of DVD movie rentals has completely ended in the age of the Internet and digital platforms
However, Varghese strives to continue for the sake of his eager customers clinging to their sweet past through the shop Varghese witnessed various stages of fast development in Dubai.

Being a resident for more than 40 years, he shared with us his most beautiful memories

If you still have a DVD player laying around, it may be time to dust it after a visit to “Video Centre 88” for a taste of some beautiful old memories!