A British mom of Sri Lankan origin celebrates her family’s birthdays and special occasions in a unique and different way; she feeds the gardeners around her home in Dubai.

On these days, Sanji Mathew Daniel, 45, makes healthy meals which consists of chicken or tuna sandwich, juice, and fruit.

Sanji is always keen to prepare these meals at home, with the help of her husband Alex, and her nine-year-old son Max. She then distributes it to 150 gardeners who work on the garden of their residential community.

She also takes her son while distributing these meals to show him the importance of charity and helping others.

'My son Max started distributing meals with me a few years ago, and he loves it. He always tells me that it makes him more grateful for what he has in life,' she says.

She added that they celebrate all occasions such as family birthdays, Christmas, New Year's Eve and many other occasions in this way.

'Words cannot express how good I feel when I do this. I wish I could do it every day, but it would be hard to afford. I decided to do it a few days a year. I hope others can do the same so we can make a big difference.'