Ramesh Shukla is an Indian photographer. You’ll be very familiar with one of his photographs: it’s been adapted and used as the official symbol for the Spirit of the Union.

Ramesh's passion for photography began at an early age. After spending many years learning his trade in India, he decided to move to Dubai and become a freelancer.

He traveled between Sharjah and Dubai on his bicycle, and his work was noticed by the late Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Rashid. He began to cover events that they attended.

Ramesh has faced a lot of challenges in his life, but he received considerable support from the sheikhs of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They helped him to become comfortable and continue his career as a photographer and document the UAE’s astonishing development since the 1970s.

You’ll find Ramesh’s work everywhere. He published many books, and exhibited around the world. In Dubai, it’s his photography you’ll see in Metro stations. It’s also on show at the Etihad Museum.