At the age of 43, Omaima Mohammed, a Sudanese resident in Dubai, made one of the most important decisions in her lifetime.. starting a healthy lifestyle!

From being a lazy “couch potato” to becoming an active individual, she managed to lose 63 kilos through healthy living and exercise.

Her journey began with a choice of rearranging her priorities. As an employee and mother of two daughters, Omaima made the decision of becoming a runner, and making sports an essential part to her daily life.  

Today, at the age of 50, Omaima started her own project, ikigai Lifestyle, the first female hiking project in the UAE. She has also become an inspiring guide, accompanying women on fun sports strips through the Emirates.

Not only is Omaima an athletic guide, but she also dives into a deeper mental journey with her attendees through the concept of “ikigai”, a Japanese concept of living which refers to “having a purpose”.

Her shattered self-image that accompanied her for many years inspired her to find self-love and raise her self-esteem. Only after 40 did she find out that a healthy and sporty life in particular was the most important aspect a women needs to appreciate her body and soul.

"Arab women still view sports as a luxury, not a basic necessity," according to Omaima, who seeks to change this socially constructed belief.

Omaima, who resides in the UAE from the age of 4, is proud to be a tour guide for females, showing breath-taking natural havens within the Emirates.