Engineer Mariam Salmeen is one of a handful of Emirati women who has carved a career for herself in the field of electrical engineering.

As Asset Planning Manager at Power Transmission Division of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), Salmeen joined the company following her graduation in 2007.

Her motto in life is: ‘A woman's self-confidence gives rise to luminous energy in society, much like electricity’.

Salmeen admits her career choice has seen her overcome several traditional hurdles, especially since her specialisation requires physical effort, something that is usually ‘perceived as men’s job,’ as she tells Dubai Post.

Salmeen started out as a Maintenance Engineer, working at various power transmission stations, where her task was to uphold transport network equipment to the highest standards of efficiency, reliability and interoperability.

But Salmeen is quick to calm the nerves of any woman who is having second thoughts in pursuing this line of work.

She says: ‘If Emirati women are confident of their abilities and are hardworking, I am sure they can face all difficulties and challenges’.

She is especially grateful to the UAE leadership, which provides support for each Emirati woman to enable herself in the labor market.

Quiz her about her greatest achievement and she says winning the Dubai Award for Excellence in the category of Best Engineering Technician would be it. However, if you ask her about her ultimate dream, she would simply say: ‘Becoming a minister’.