‘I can’t see, but I enjoy places and things more than those who can.’ With these words, Waleed Al-Balooshi, the visually impaired Emirati, sums up how he enjoys a life that is full of determination, adventures and sports, through his delicate senses.

Al-Balooshi, 31, lost his sight due to a genetic disease. He has two younger brothers who are also visually impaired, but they all receive great support from their parents and family to cope with and overcome the challenges.

‘After completing high school, I joined Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, in 2010. They awarded me a scholarship to study for a diploma degree in human resources at the National Institute of Vocational Education.
Currently, I work as a call operator, and I am also a member in different committees related to people of determination at DEWA,’ says Al-Balooshi.

He adds, ‘DEWA takes good care of people of determination through different committees that preserve our rights and make sure that we are fairly treated. It also allows us to participate in forums, seminars and activities.’

DEWA has helped Al-Balooshi achieve one of his life dreams; flying a plane. In 2016, the dream came true.

‘I flew a plane in the Ras Al Khaimah for two hours. It was an unforgettable experience,’ he said.

Al-Balooshi lives an adventurous life, and is also one of the most outstanding athletes in the country and won many medals in goalball and table tennis.

‘I love adventures; my family and friends always encourage me to do what I want without hesitation.

I love safaris, desert trips and camping. I also feel the beauty of the places I go to. It is all through my senses.’