‘I feel extremely happy when I see a patient improve and benefit from this treatment,’ says Ismail Al Nayser, owner of Galinus Center for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.

Describing his medical centre, the Emirati national, ex-footballer and a former employee at the Ministry of Education, provides free consultations at his Dubai clinic, in line with the ‘Year of Good’ initiative in the UAE.

These consultations are benefiting the needy and the underprivileged, who cannot afford treatment.

‘I am trying to help by reducing the burden on them,’ he explains, adding that he was affected by the medical condition of a relative who had a brain stroke and suffered a lot from it.

He continues: ‘I experienced the difficulties she encountered in getting good quality physiotherapy.

‘I also saw the suffering of a large number of stroke patients and accident victims, who didn’t get the right care that led to some of them being paralyzed.’

Which is when Al Nayser decided to open a physiotherapy center.

He adds: ‘Monetary gain has not been my goal, but the need to help those who require physiotherapy for proper rehabilitation and improvement. This project is more human than anything else, and our main goal is to improve a patient’s condition.’

He says the center prepares patients to rely on themselves to do some basic things, such as improving speech abilities and moving limbs.

The owner of Galinus has named his clinic after the Greek physician and philosopher with the same name, who was considered one of the greatest doctors in ancient times, specifically during the Roman Empire.